Saturday, October 24, 2009

Status +1 week

It's been an exciting week since the launch of Warfare Incorporated Multiplayer. I'm happy to say that everything is running smoothly, and the feedback has been great! If you haven't experienced Warfare Incorporated Multiplayer yet then by all means give it a try!

I wanted to let everyone know of a few immediate term issues being addressed:

  • The leaderboard sometimes gets "stuck" in that completed games aren't getting posted. It's an issue in the server that we're actively addressing, so rest assured it will be fixed very soon.
  • New multiplayer missions created with the mission editor aren't yet visible to the MP servers. This is a little work item that is being addressed as we speak. Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's released!

Warfare Incorporated Multiplayer is released! Here is the link:

If your iTunes hasn't updated yet, it will shortly. Enjoy!

- Warfare Incorporated Team

First Post!

Welcome to the Warfare Incorporated blog! We wanted to use this first post to announce an exciting development in Warfare Incorporated: Multiplayer support! This highly requested feature will soon be available to all Warfare Incorporated players on iPhone, and iPod Touch. It's been in beta test getting new features, feedback, and polish. We've played thousands of MP games during beta test and can say it is very fun!

Here is a list of what's in store:

- Play with 2-4 players, over the internet, Wifi and 3G supported.
- 21 built-in, battle-tested multiplayer missions.
- 50+ (and growing) multiplayer add-on missions gives infinite replay value.
- Multiplayer mission editor support - use your own creativity to create and share your ultimate battlefield.
- Player Lobby with game rooms. Play in a public game room, or in a private, password protected room with just your friends.
- Chat with other players in a game room - gather support for your next game or boast about your victory in the last one.
- Chat with other players in a game - taunt other players during play or attempt to create an alliance.
- Permanent player ids and player login, as well as anonymous playing.
- Globally ranked leaderboard, to see how you compare with other Warfare Incorporated players.
- Detailed Game history with per-game statistics so you can check out your opponents strategy and improve your own.
- Individual player average statistics across all games so you can spot trends in your strategy.
- Player search - find statistics and game history for any player.

Please note the Multiplayer update was submitted to Apple's AppStore Oct 2nd, and is still being reviewed by Apple. When Apple approves it, we'll post here!

- The Warfare Incorporated Team