Friday, November 27, 2009

Create new Missions!

From the very beginning we've shared the PC based Warfare Incorporated Mission Editor tool with the community at no cost so that any player can create and share both single player, and multiplayer missions. Players have created literally hundreds of missions (over 350 and counting!), and we invite you to try your hand at it. This is the exact same tool we at Spiffcode use to create missions that are included with the game.

We're excited to be working on a nice how-to tutorial that goes into considerable detail on how to create your single or multiplayer missions. The tutorial isn't quite ready yet but watch this blog for news soon. In the meantime if you like to get your feed wet, jump in and give it a try! Download the latest mission editor here:

After downloading, be sure to visit the Mission Authoring forum to get tips on authoring your missions.

A great way to learn about mission authoring, is to check out existing missions. This new version of the Mission Editor has a brand new feature: Mission Pack Importing! With this feature you can load any existing mission into the editor, and see how it is put together. It's easy to use:


Go to the Mission Sharing forum, find the mission pack that you want to import.
  2. Download the mission pack .pdb file.
  3. Start the mission editor, and import the .pdb file using File -> Import Mission Pack...

This will import all the missions found in the mission pack. With the release of Multiplayer there is high demand for multiplayer missions of various types. Missions with allies (teams) of players are especially popular (hint, hint!)